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Vehicle Repairs Bury

There’s nothing worse than having a car off the road when you need it for work, school runs and getting to the shops let alone any long trips you might need to make. If it’s in need of repairs then the headache continues during the search for a reliable, affordable garage to carry out the work.
I’ve been working on all makes and models over the last 25 years diagnosing common faults and investigating those more difficult issues so whatever work you need doing, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands with me.

Whether you’ve got a known issue issue that needs fixing, you’d like me to get under the hood and locate a fault or you’ve just been in an accident and you would like a quote for the repairs just Get in touch today and see how I can help.

Accident Repairs

Sooner or later it’s inevitable that you’ll get into a little accident. Whether it’s a bump in a car park, scrape on a narrow lane or more serious crash I’ll take a look at the damage, provide a quote and talk to you about the work before I start so that you can be back on the road as quickly as possible with minimum fuss.

Tow straight to me

If you’ve broken down and you know that your car needs to be repaired, you are always welcome to Tow the car straight to the garage. Please get in touch and leave a message so that I’m prepared for it’s arrival.

Common Faults

These are the most common faults on modern cars today.

Flat or faulty battery

Lots of short journeys or poor electrical connections can cause problems with batteries and these are the most common causes of breakdowns – especially in the winter.

Any garage should always check that battery terminals are secure and clean during a service but you can check this, too.

You can top up your battery overnight if you don’t make long journeys very often – once a fortnight for example – to stop you running into issues.

Lost keys

Modern keys include a microchip designed to stop your car being stolen, so it’s a good idea to keep a spare in a safe place if anything happens.

Damaged tyres and wheels

Uneven tyre wear, misaligned tyres and your tyres’ tread depth in general are easy things that you should check regularly – be sure to turn the wheels and check the inside, too or you could get into problems.

If you’ve hit a kerb or a pothole (or anything else in the road that send a jolt through the car!) check for any visible damage to the wheels and rims – if in doubt bring the car around and I’ll give it a once over for you.

Alternator faults

If you’re experiencing persistent battery issues and dim headlights when your engine is idle, you could have a fault with your alternator.

If your ignition warning light comes on and the engine temperature rises quickly, the belt that drives the alternator and water pump could have snapped which is serious – if you’re away from home call roadside assistence and / or get the car booked in with me so that I can take a look. Either way, stop driving!

Starter motor

Although starter motors are pretty strong, they do fail eventually. As long as you get your car serviced regularly, any potential faults should get picked up before they cause you any problems but if it’s died then book the car in for a new one.

Fuel problems

You’ll feel pretty silly if you put the wrong fuel in your car.. but it happens to more than 150,000 drivers every year!

The important thing to remember is to not start your engine or you could be in for an expensive repair.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs can break or wear out but as long as your car is serviced regularly this shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Clutch cables

The clutch cable is under a lot of stress and if it breaks, it can be a serious problem. If you notice any change to the way the clutch feels when you press the pedal then it’s important to get this checked out and if your clutch cable does break, pull over in the nearest safe spot and book the car in for a replacement.

HT (high-tension) leads

HT leads, which carry high voltage to the spark plugs, deteriorate with age and can make it difficult to start your car. Sprays like WD-40 (and other water repellants) can help, but it’s best to book the car in and get the overall ignition system looked at if you’re having problems.