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Fiat 500 Classifications

Unsure about what your driving, need to know the specific model for parts? Below is a list of the Fiat 500 classifications but if in doubt, just contact me.

I specialise in Fiat 500s so I can usually source and replace / fix parts quicker easier and cheaper than your conventional independent Garage (let alone a Fiat dealer) so if you’ve got any issues with your car (or you’d just like someone with experience to give it a once-over) the no harm in getting in touch.

The Fiat 500 Line

Fiat 500


There have been a couple of special editions released and there have also been a couple of marketing tricks as well. 8 years after its launch, this model still has the classic look but it comes with a huge level of visual improvements so you know you won’t have any problems there at all.

Fiat 500x

2015 – Present

The Cinquecento set was expanded in the year 2014 and a new crossover and it is a great front wheel drive. It has a traction plus front and it really is a great choice for anyone who wants to make the best decision with their purchase.

FIAT 695 Abarth Biposto


Fifty years after the very first model was introduced, this car hit the market as well and it gained the nickname of Biposto. This means that it only has room for two people, but it is great for those who want to race.

FIAT 500L Living


Fiat has expanded their range with a very practical model. This is based on the 500L model and it has seating for seven people. This is all thanks to the extra row in the back and this vehicle is still very compact given the style and shape.

Fiat 500e


This is a powered electric motor car at 111HP. It has a 24 kWh battery and can give you 87 miles.